What have I learned this year? 2016 Mid-Summer Edition / by Alexandra Fox

What have I learned this year?

  1. Most of happiness is learning how to deal with and adapt to unexpected changes.
  2. It's more effective to be kind, than to be belligerent. 
  3. Your self-perception translates into how others will see you. When you acknowledge your own beauty and abilities, others will do the same!
  4. Trust people. They often come through.
  5. ... but when they don't, roll with it and bounce back.
  6. Spend minimal time musing over or regretting the things that can't be changed. Most importantly: others' attitudes towards you, other people's choices, other people's actions. 
  7. Make a move.
  8. Be straightforward with people. It's nearly always better to speak up and deal with the consequences, than kicking yourself for holding back. Most everyone will appreciate you.
  9. People are more important than things.
  10. Experiences are more important than things. 
  11. People rarely knock you for being persistent
  12. Stay humble. Things often start to go South when your head gets bigger than your heart.
  13. Good vibes attract good vibes
  14. Think more about what you can give, rather than what you can take. 
  15. Fear should never be a reason to not do something.
  16. Say 'yes' as much as you can, as much as you like, as much as you're able
  17. You are never too young or too old to be exactly who you want to be!


I truly believe that talking with people, embracing strangers, forces us to build empathy and understanding. Perhaps this is how we change the world... and the key to peace is not through abstract agreements among imagined entities, but through simple words exchanged between human beings.

Things I am still trying to figure out...

  1. How can I get better at making decisions? 
  2. How much responsibility "should" I take upon myself for my family?
  3. How can I best support the people I love, when I don't agree with their actions?
  4. How can I learn to let go of resentment towards those around me, when I don't agree with them?

Peace, and growth, and love, and love ----

- A