This election news coverage is making us all stupider. / by Alexandra Fox

Thanks, everyone, for spending four days talking about the intricate details of an idiot man's comments regarding women's appearances. We all already know he is a bigot and your continued and ceaseless expostulations on the subjects really don't change a thing.

But it's a damn shame that you took four full news days to work this 'story', rather than have some substantive conversation around serious and pressing policy issues in the country. You couldn't have spared 10 minutes of your platforms to talk about gun violence, police violence, or education reform? 

It's also a shame that in addition to all the 100000x in excess media coverage we already deal with featuring this orange monster, a Democratic campaign is now running ads that view like a highlight reel of his worst moments. We've already seen and exhausted the worst of these moments! You couldn't have taken this time and money to highlight issues that have yet to be discussed in all this?

It's a damn shame!

- A