Summer Jazz Festival in Premía de Dalt / by Alexandra Fox

An- took me and the girls to see a jazz concert in our neighborhood last night. 

It was a super sweet sentiment, and in keeping with how inclusive and hospital An- and J- have been of me in the past few weeks, staying in their home. I thought about going out, but I honestly really wanted to spend time with the family and 

It was a local Catalan jazz band. I really enjoyed the music, and they were super professional - playing through several power shorts that shut off all the speakers and lights on the stage. They always played on, and the crowd was always very supportive and stepped in with the hand-clapping and bass support. 

It was definitely a very “cultural evening”, and super characteristic of my experience in Catalan villages thus far. Everyone knew everyone, and everyone was super warm and sincerely happy to run into each other and swap jokes and stories. It was “Hola Guapa!” and “Guapísima!” and “Que chulo!” all around. People were drinking and having a good time, there was a room in the nearby library with games for the kids who weren’t feeling the music. (I still love how the kids stay out until midnight, 2am, and nobody has any pretentions about it!)

I really, really love my Spanish family and I'm going to be so sad to leave them. 

Next up this weekend: Barcelona Beach Festival... !

- A