17.8.17 - pushing awkward conversations. / by Alexandra Fox


i think the biggest thing I could work on right now is not delaying uncomfortable emails/ phone calls/ follow-ups. i got a quote back from our early screenprinter that was a lot higher than expected - probably lost a full day in working out my response to them/ putting off that discussion and making a decision on what to do next. 

but met with someone awesome in Oakland today, and i would rather be printing here, so hopefully this all works out for the best. the unfortunate thing is that he's on a flight tonight and gone for the week, so we're trying to figure out if he can turn everything around in time for our photoshoot. i really, really don't want to move that and probably can't at this point, so just need to figure out how we're going to get what we need in time for the shoot.

went to S-'s after and finally went up to the roof. noticed for the first time the huge mural of African sunset on the building across the street.

had wanted to meet with M- today to review some ideas, but he bailed. N- arrives tomorrow night for the week.

witnessed another white man mansplain Racism to a Black woman today, it was wild. kept waiting for him to pause or inquire her thoughts/ perspective..... never came. he was hella worked up though - knew all the social justice terms.

- A