Pokemon Go is Finally Working in Spain.... Or: the Most Unproductive day of travel thus far. / by Alexandra Fox

So Pokemon Go is finally working properly for me here in Spain, but that hasn't exactly boded for the most productive or happy day for me.... in fact, I would say this has been one of the least active days I've had since touching down in Barcelona!

Also, I had my two kids both download the game today, and then we went out for a poke walk. I'm not sure if that makes me a terrible or terrific guardian. 

Also spent a lot of time trying to find tickets to Barcelona Beach Festival, and figuring out how to pay people not living in Barcelona in a country that has yet to be graced with Venmo. I think I got a ticket, but we shall see tomorrow at the entrance... !

Got to wake up early to run one final errand in Barcelona tomorrow before the festival...

Ciao guapos,

- A