Party Favor [Mad Decent] + DJ Advance at Spades, Minneapolis. / by Alexandra Fox

Party Favor at Spades Nightclub, Minneapolis.

Party Favor at Spades Nightclub, Minneapolis.

*more photos to come, camera is currently charging! :)

Such. A. Good. Night.

I am officially a fan.

Last night, I was again reminded how much more fun I have when I remember to have no expectations - just show up, vibe, and go with the flow. After this Wednesday, which was a bit of an off night for me, I had to remind myself to stay humble, and that I'm just here to enjoy myself and have a good time. 

And so with this refreshed attitude I showed up at Spades nightclub last night, just around the block from the Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis. It's a small space - think somewhere between Monroe and Mercer in San Francisco

It's really gorgeous inside - they have a pretty cool lights setup that gives the whole place a pretty glamorous feel. I also really liked the clientele there - first of all, everyone was dancing. That's awesome, to begin with. Next, all the tables doing bottle service were so fun and there to have a good time, pouring you shots over the banister, turning up, etc.

I also commend all the guys from last night on dancing and having fun, without feeling the need to press up on girls they don't know without warning. Good job, men of last night! (Although this really should be a norm that doesn't need congratulating).

I also love the staff at Spades. Every single person I met last night honestly had such positive attitudes and completely added to the fun of the night. It didn't feel like anyone was working (although everyone was actually working super hard!), because they made it feel like they were just there to have a good time with you, and assist your party. Awesome, awesome people.

Now, Party Favor - oh, my god. My girl Im- and I were dying, the music was so good. It honestly kept getting better and better. At one point I was just wildly looking around me to check to see if everyone else was still alive or if they were also in a state of uncontrolled music-euphoria. I had not expected Party Favor to so completely kill it as he did last night.

Look at that face. - Party Favor

Look at that face. - Party Favor

I'm not quite sure how long he played on - it was past 2am though, if only just past. I stayed on at the club for another hour or so while they started cleaning and putting everything back together, just because I wasn't ready to go home yet after getting so energized and up for that set. 

One thing did happen towards the end of the night that threw me off a bit... but I don't think it's worth recounting. Yesterday I wrote about some of the things I still need to figure out this year, and one I forgot to add is how to not get paranoid about things that aren't even associated with me. I think sometimes awkward or uncomfortable things happen and I'm too prone to thinking about how it reflects on me, when it reality it doesn't even have anything to do with me. And I end up apologizing for things that don't need to be apologized for.

That said, I'm so happy with last night and love all the people I met. Big thank you to Spades Nightclub for putting on such a fun event!!

Happy Sunday folks,

- A