Paris Men's Fashion Week Day 4: Virgil Abloh Off-White / by Alexandra Fox

Virgil Abloh graces us with a DJ set backstage post-show at Off White men's runway collection.

Virgil Abloh graces us with a DJ set backstage post-show at Off White men's runway collection.

We on that Ultra Light Beam... this is a god dream, This Is A God Dream.

Today was awesome. 

I met Am- at Chatelet (we do pretty much everything at Chatelet!) where we sat outside in the sun for a while, before heading for Alice in Wonderland at the cinema. 

I then made my way to meet Al- for the Off White show. Neither of us had invites, but designer Virgil Abloh (if you don’t know him by name, you probably do by music, design, or Kanye West projects) had literally posted the address earlier that day as an open invitation to show up.

The show was staged underneath the Paris Philharmonie. After walking everywhere and not finding it, I was finally directed to where they had set up a makeshift runway underneath the philharmonic. There were several dozen people waiting in line for standing spots for the show, and I joined the queue.

I think they had planned ahead to leave extra room for fans of the brand who showed up, as part of Abloh’s commitment to ‘making fashion more inclusive’; we all made it to the other side of the rope in the end.

The collection itself was not really as I expected - titled “Mirror Mirror”, the focus was supposed to be on reflections - of ourselves, of culture, of style. It seemed to me somewhat of a departure from what I’ve seen before from the brand - moving much more into knitwear and sheer shirts. The plaid flannel was also a bit unexpected, but reminiscent of other collections seen this week

A focus on facades: the architectural backdrop for the Off White Men's SS17 runway.

A focus on facades: the architectural backdrop for the Off White Men's SS17 runway.

The real highlight was the after party! I think they had planned to let people in backstage, but it got to be a bit chaotic. As it happened, I ran into two down ass London girls as I was walking around the show, and they happened to know Virgil. So, they invited me to checkout the backstage area with them, which was super nice.

Off White Men's SS17 Collection.

Off White Men's SS17 Collection.

Again, it was a nice way to appreciate the scope of what goes into putting on a production like this. *takes notes*. Most of the clothes had been put away, though some were out for buyers to look at. The model boards with everyone’s outfits and portraits were very cool.

And then, of course, there was Virgil answering questions for press about the collection, which I eagerly listened in on. He talked about the show as a peek into what's 'under the hood' of Off White, and how the brand has been and is influenced by youth culture and street style. 

We were also graced by a DJ set from the man himself, opening up with DJ Khaled’s new ‘For Free’. The rest of the time was just mingling and meeting people. I met a really cool woman in the business, originally from New York and now living in Paris, who works PR for brands. Also met a really cool up-and-coming artist from Cleveland, Shiva.  We talked chakra vibes and Third Kind Clothing. It really got me thinking about how much more I could be, and could have been doing in Paris to promote my own brand. 

Speaking of, this week has been amazing and motivating. At the same time I both want to continue my current journey and live like this - building new experiences and meeting new and amazing people, but a large part of me has also started thinking it’s time to get back to work and build something of my own, to contribute. 

It’s been six months abroad now, and I’m starting to wonder if it’s time to settle in and start working. If anyone has any opinions, please chime in —

Either way, my cap-off to Men’s Fashion Week was absolutely insane. Thanks for everyone who made this week awesome.


- A