My List of Requests for New Instagram Updates / by Alexandra Fox

I like Instagram; I use it to keep up with people I've met around the world, discover new brands, get my daily celebrity-fix and, of course, investigate potential suitors 🔍 👀 .

But there are definitely things that routinely bother me about Instagram, and I've been expecting them to improve for years. Given that Instagram just introduced Stories (a feature no one was really asking for?) I figure they might have some time on their hands now to figure the rest of these issues out:

1. Choose what content shows up on your Timeline.

You might remember a few months ago when users raised an outcry about Instagram's announcement that it would be moving away from a Chronological timeline, and only show posts in your feed it thinks you'll like the most, based on what you've engaged with. 

I actually wasn't too bothered by this announcement, as one of the reasons I hesitate from following too many new accounts its because I don't want to clutter my timeline, and miss posts from users I'm most interested. 

But what I feel like they should have done instead, and what I've been wanting from them for years, is the ability to hide certain users from appearing on your timeline. 

Could add option here to "Hide User from Timeline"

Could add option here to "Hide User from Timeline"

You know that person you follow - the friend of yours that posts low-quality photos three times a day? Yeah, that person. It's always the same photo too - your feed because a movie reel of their daily snacking, their would-be motivational quotes, or their 360p, scratchy-audio concert videos.

You don't know how many times I've met someone cool, found them on Instagram, and wanted so badly to follow and keep up with them..... but then saw their 1,000 post count.... and really had to make a sanity decision. 

(You think I'm joking....!)

Would really save a lot of awkwardness between acquaintances when you want to keep up with someone, but just can't stand another In-N-Out closeup photo.

2. Save Photos to Post Later

This seems like a pretty straightforward one. Sometimes you're editing a photo, but you don't want to post it right then, or you get distracted and it's lost when you come back later. At the least, Instagram could give you an option to save your changes to your Camera Roll.

3. Create new locations in Instagram

Sometimes you want to create a new location that doesn't currently exist - and you would have to go to Facebook to do this. I partly understand the reason for this, because Facebook doesn't want everyone to be creating all number of illegitimate locations. But I personally don't have Facebook, and it still seems like a hassle if you're trying to put a new place on the map.

4. See if someone's following you

Only recently did Instagram add search options to find people in yours/ others' followers lists. To the best of my knowledge, this is still the only way you can see if someone's following you - by going to their page, and looking through their follower list. Even Twitter now tells you on someone's profile whether they follow you.


5. See full list of mutual followers

This year, Instagram also made some space under users' profiles to show what users who you follow, also follow that account. But there's one big tease: Instagram has enough room to show about 2 or 3 user's names, and then reduces the rest to a number: +3, +10, +25 more.

But it doesn't let you click here, and see the full list of mutual followers or accounts. 


That's mostly it.... overall can't complain. I haven't tried Stories yet, as I'm still lightly conditioned to not try to spam my followers on Instagram. Will be curious to see how / if people start to use it though.

Happy hump day,

- A