My First Moth Storytelling Experience! / by Alexandra Fox

If you've never heard of them before, the Moth is a group that puts on wonderful evenings of live story-telling, with local events happening across the country. At Moth StorySlams, anybody can put their name in a hat, and 10 individuals are randomly selected to tell their stories in front of the rest of the audience. The stories are tied together by a common theme for the evening. 

This week, there was a Moth StorySlam in St. Paul. The theme: heat. I put my name in the hat.... and I was called!

The first two stories I felt were really good, and I was incredibly nervous in my seat as I was listening to the storytellers, almost hoping that I would pass the night without getting called to the stage. But, alas, I heard my name and basically lost consciousness for a moment as I made my way to the stage.

Telling my story in front of the Moth audience.

Telling my story in front of the Moth audience.

My story? How I met Am- this year.

I'm so, so happy I did it, and it was a very cool experience. The crowd at the Moth is always incredibly supportive, and it ended up being really fun up on stage, listening to people laugh with you and hang in there with you for the ups and downs of your story!

In the end, I actually got the 2nd overall highest score of the night, which I was incredibly proud of. It's definitely something I would do again, and I highly recommend to anyone who is interested!


- A