Montjuic Park & Magic Fountain, Plus Barcelona Ports / by Alexandra Fox

Since it's my last week in Barcelona (literally crying and hyperventilating!) An- took me and the girls into the city last night to see some of the spots she thought I shouldn't miss before leaving. It was a really sweet sentiment, and I'm honestly going to miss this family so much!

We drove to Montjuic park, so didn't have to deal with the climb up from the city. I'd been to Montjuic before, but completely missed the side of the park with the fountain and city views. We entered near the museum, which is quite beautiful from the outside. It was the sunset hour, so everything was really gorgeous. Unfortunately, the magic fountain was closed this week - but a lot of people have said it's one of their favorite sights in Barcelona, and the park is really quite pretty with good city views, so I'd definitely suggest coming here one evening. Sunset was a perfect time - not too crowded during the weekdays! - and you'll get to make the most out of the lights show once it starts to get dark. 

We then went around toward Port Olimpic, though we didn’t make a stop. (We'd all had a pretty exhausting day...!) Although, again, I'd recommend. One of the things I wanted to see in Barcelona but looks like won't get to is the shipping port - one of my favorite things; anywhere....

All the love, 

- A