Men...... [Part 1]. / by Alexandra Fox

Wow, men.

So get this:

Remember G-, who I met at Brunch in the Park? Well last night, we met up to get drinks near Mercat Sant Antoni, around 22h. I tell him I need to catch the train home at midnight (it's the last train back to Premía de Mar), and he makes some joke about Cinderella (it's actually pretty cute :).

We find the nearest terrace and have a really nice evening together - like, exceptionally good. We have a surprisingly lot to talk about, and it's really easy to communicate (we go back and forth between Spanish and English and both are completely fine; shout out Blake High School- ). We cover everything from apex predators to half-siblings to least favorite beachside activities, and it's really pleasant and sweet. Plus, G- is like the quintessential picture of a Spanish lover: tall, bronze, long dark hair, romantic. It was all very adorable.

It was super nice and enjoyable and I had a really good time. Almost lost track of the hour, but at 23:42h we started walking toward my station, which was only 8 minutes away, supposedly!

The thing is - the Metro lines and the suburban lines are not connected underground, and you can only access the suburban lines from a specific entrance at Placa Catalunya. Incidentally, we picked the wrong entrance, and I missed my train by two minutes - two minutes! And that's all it took for the whole night (and my plans for the week...?) to take a ridiculously downhill turn. 

So here's what happened:

I was about to call An- (the mom I'm staying with), and explain I'd gotten stuck, and ask whether she could come to fetch me. I didn't envy doing this of course, Barcelona is ~30 minutes drive from Premía de Dalt and she certainly would have come get me, but it was midnight by now.

But G- of course offered that I could stay at his place for the evening, saying he would be happy to spend more time with me, and it would be better than making my family get out of bed.

Of course, the first thing I said was I wasn't sure if it was a good idea and I wouldn't want to put him out or have him expect anything of me. He assured me it was not a problem. His exact words: "Estaba triste cuando tu dijiste que necesitó salir a las medianoche; ahora puedo pasar más tiempo contigo y para mi, estoy feliz. Si quieres hacer algo mas claro que yo quiero, pero si no - tambien estoy feliz."

So, okay, I agreed it would be easier to take the train home in the morning than drag An- out of bed on a Monday evening.

At least twice more, as we were walking, I told G- I didn't want him to become angry once we arrived and nothing were to happen. Again, we were very clear and straightforward, and he said he understood. He just wanted to do whatever was easiest for me that evening, in terms of getting home.

So that is where we stood upon entering his home. (For the record, I never felt worried about him being aggressive nor did I ever feel unsafe last night - partly because I knew one of his roommates, a girl I had already met, to be home). I was given clothes to change into, water, and and offer of bed or couch.

Now - what do ya'll think happened next?!?

And before you start to chastise me or say "A- but what did you think was going to happen?!" Well, I say: I thought we had made it perfectly clear between us, and is it really too much for a man to offer you a place to sleep without an expectation of sexual favors?!


.... ?!

G- threw a fucking temper tantrum ya'll. 

Like, when it became clear that I really, really wasn't down, he got so angry. I'm talking pouty, arms crossed, temper tantrum. I honestly did not know what to do. I'm pretty sure at one point he started texting girls on his phone as some sort of vengeance toward me. I literally just sat there in the room, unsure of what to do. It was so, so awkward. 

I legitimately considered whether I should suck his dick, that's how sad and betrayed he looked. But then I thought no, that's ridiculous, I owe this person nothing, plus I just could not stomach the thought of having his penis in my mouth while he was sitting there looking like a beaten puppy.

So, that's what happened. We went to bed but it was so, so awkward. I accidentally touched his leg with my foot once and he promptly moved it away from me. Lmfao. The whole thing was half hilarious, half depressing, altogether ridiculous. I left promptly at 5am to catch the first train in the morning.

It's 20h over here now, and I'm too tired to do much this evening. Still not sure what to make of all of last night's events. Super irritated. 

Thoughts? Please tell me I'm in the right here. Like, this guy is ridiculous, right?

- A