8.9.2017 Love God. / by Alexandra Fox


It was one of those days again where I just think: 

Crazy what a rollercoaster this all is. Does that make me sound naïve and simple? Like we've barely started; just wait until things start to get real. But it feels real now: all the unexpected roadblocks and setbacks; the doubt. The never-ending questions of whether you're doing the right things. Whether it will all be enough, and how you can do more. 

How do I get closer to God? Sometimes I feel like God has done so much for me, is so looking out for me, and I can never do enough. How can I love more, do more, be kinder?

No... but that's it. Those are the actions we can take to love God and return our blessings: Love more, do more, be kinder. Love people who love you, love people who know nothing of you, love people who have hurt you. Be a source of good in this world. Use your gifts and talents in what ways you can, at every opportunity you can. Even when you're tired, when you'd rather look down or look away - respond to someone. Assist someone. Share what you know or what you have. Be kind. Have grace. Give praise. Give thanks. Share smiles. And Love.... Love.

Sometimes I love God so much I just want to cry. How can I be loved so much when I am so flawed and imperfect? How can I be loved so much when I am so forgetful and self-centered?

... I think right now, the best way I can return that love is to emulate it as much as possible - to love deeply and forgive. To have an open heart and open mind. To give thanks for my health and blessings, by actively aiding in others' health and happiness. To give thanks for being gifted such a beautiful world to live in, by actively aiding in the preservation and beautification of this world.

How can we have strayed so far to be where we are today? 

I just want people to think differently about how their actions shape who they are, and whether who they are reflects what they truly believe. I just want systems to be structured in a way that encourages people to be the very best they can be.

"origin of mind". "evolution". 


What a thing, Life.

- A