King Los, Lyric Madrid, Sieed Brown at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul, Minnesota. / by Alexandra Fox

Los at Amsterdam Bar & Hall, St. Paul.

Los at Amsterdam Bar & Hall, St. Paul.

Went to see a show on Friday led by Baltimore rapper Los.

First off, let me say, I had no idea St. Paul had a whole downtown area and everything going on! No idea! Like it's it's real own city over there! :)

I rarely, rarely venture out over there, so I didn't really have an idea of what to expect. I will say, it seemed very quiet for a Friday night. But then again, Minneapolis seems pretty quiet in the evenings too, even on the weekends. 

What's interesting about Amsterdam Bar & Hall, and almost all music venues I've been to here, is that they're almost all 18+. Generally I think that's pretty cool, as it allows younger people to see artists they like and go out to shows without jumping through hoops. But it's definitely noticeable for me when I show up, and there's a lot younger crowd around. 

Amsterdam Bar & Hall is a one-story, one-and-a-half bar establishment in Downtown St. Paul, with a simple, open floor plan that leads up to the stage area. There's an outdoor seating / smoking area as well, though I didn't take a look. 

Drinks are *OK*. Not my favorite.

There wasn't a huge crowd on Friday, but the people that did turn out definitely brought really awesome energy. I wasn't familiar with the first couple acts, but they definitely got the crowd really energized, and were super fun to dance with. Actually, a lot more people came and stayed for Lyric Madrid and Sieed Brown, compared to stayed to the end of Los's set (which ended around 1:30am). I think that actually speaks volumes to the local Twin Cities music scene, and it's fans!

Los's performance though, was actually really good. I was definitely not prepared for the freestyles and lyricism that he brought to stage. I've never followed his music, and was really, really pleasantly surprised and impressed with the topics he spoke on and how well he interacted with the crowd. There were definitely some serious fans in the crowd, and it was very cool watching them spit his lyrics back at him. 

Big shoutout to DJ Fundraiser as well (sorry.... I couldn't find a soundcloud link!).  Overall it was a pretty good night.

This week is my last in Minneapolis, so let's see what's happening.

- A