Future and DJ Esco at the Pourhouse, Minneapolis: Summer Sixteen After Party / by Alexandra Fox

Back in the USA now, and I'm in Minneapolis for the next few weeks while I start looking for jobs in San Francisco!

A really nice welcome back with the DJ Esco Future / Drake after-party at the Pourhouse, Minneapolis. After a day of feeling completely underwhelmed by the complete change in lifestyle being back in the quiet suburbs of Minneapolis, I decided I needed to go out and see what this city is all about. 

Despite having grown up in Minnesota, I know almost no one here at this point. Even a few years ago I had a couple high school friends who were still around, but many of them have also now moved out - to Chicago, LA, DC, and New York. 

But I was serious with all that personal growth talk and learning to be comfortable with myself, and I did really want to see if Future would show up to the after-party, so I headed out to the Pourhouse on my own from my aunt's, who has generously lent me a car to use during my time here in MN!

Parking downtown was fairly easy. It was a Sunday night, and there didn't seem to be too many people in the city. After circling the streets around the venue a few times, I was able to find free street parking for the night. I arrived fairly early (around 11pm), given that the club closes at 2am, and I have no idea what time Minneapolis nightlife starts to kick off. 

It turned out I was still early - the venue was fairly empty when I arrived, but it ended up being a good opportunity to talk with and meet people. I met a lot of really cool folks doing different things - including a few working in nightlife, and an amazing girl who works in music. 

It'd been a while since I'd actually been drinking - I didn't have a single night of 'clubbing' in Spain, and totally side-stepped that side of Barcelona. So I lost track of the time for a while, and suddenly found myself on stage getting hype with the crowd to DJ Esco, when F U T U R E pops up.

It was amazing and the crowd was so excited about it. Future and DJ Esco were vibing so hard, it brought the energy level of everyone else in the room to new heights. It was very cool to see how well they worked together and how well they understood each other and the music. It really felt like we were all just there to have a good time, rather than them putting on a show for the rest of us!

It ended up being such a good night, and I couldn't have been happier having showed up alone and been forced to meet new people and push for new experiences. 

Much love to Future, DJ Esco, 45 Management ENT, and the Pourhouse!

- A