Favorite Stories from Around the World, Part 2: "Moroccan Tea" / by Alexandra Fox

Marrakesh Spice Markets.

Marrakesh Spice Markets.

Last fall I traveled to Morocco for two weeks with S-. Every place we went, we were always encouraged to stop and enjoy some tea with the shop owners, guesthouse staff, friendly families, or what have you.

Everyone seemed to be drinking the same tea, and it was always prepared in the same way - carefully brewed, very rich, and then meticulously poured between cup and teapot, a ritual number of times, to mix the sugar and prepare to serve. 

The tea was amazing, and always proudly served with the declaration: "Moroccan tea!", and assurance that we could never find the same anywhere else. 

At one point, S- and I asked where the tea was produced, and what kind it was. 

We were promptly brought a box to observe:

The box did, in fact, say "Moroccan tea", complete with Arabic script and lettering. 

From: China.