Favorite Stories from Around the World, Part 1: Cameras in Cambodia / by Alexandra Fox

I want to occasionally share some of my favorite stories I've either experienced, or others have shared with me. This is one of my all-time favorites I love to tell, which I heard one night from an English couple (G- and R-) traveling through Cambodia. 

S- and I met this couple one night, a few days East of the border-crossing from Thailand. We had managed without much difficulty, but they, not so much. Here was their story:

Cameras in Cambodia

Welcome to Cambodia: a Cambodia-Thailand border checkpoint.

Welcome to Cambodia: a Cambodia-Thailand border checkpoint.

G- and R- were sitting down for lunch on the Cambodian side of the Thai border, when a motorcycle carrying three men (two armed with guns) pulls up.

The men point their guns at the couple and demand their wallets, cellphones, and cameras. 

G- and R- hand over what they have on their persons, including two digital cameras they've been traveling and taking photos with on their Southeast Asia backpacking trip. The men ride off. 

When the motorcycle reaches the end of the street it stops, and G- and R- watch as they appear to rifle through the contents of their loot. 

Before G- and R- have even had time to recover from the robbery or lament their recent losses, the motorcycle is seen turning back around and coming for them a second time. 

Thinking the men have believed the two travelers to be holding out on them, the couple braces themselves for additional demands. 

Instead, the bike slows down only slightly and barely halts in front of them. One of the men appears to toss something very small on the ground in their direction, before the motorcycle speeds up again and drives off, this time for good.

The couple watches the motorcycle fade away and the dust it's kicked up settle. After a few moments, G- gets up, slowly approaching the place to see what the men came back to leave them.

At first, he doesn't see anything.

And then:

Two small, SD memory cards removed from two digital cameras.

The men had come back to return their memories. 

tuk-tuks in Cambodia

tuk-tuks in Cambodia

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