Farewell, Europe! Good Times and Goodbyes. / by Alexandra Fox

Leaving Europe after exactly three months (- talk about Schengen border compliancy!). It's with a lot of sadness that I say my goodbyes to this beautiful part of the world. I honestly never, never expected to have as incredible of a time as I did while here. I thought Europe would be a pit-stop on my way back home to the States - I honestly didn't know how much I would fall in love with the people and the cities. 

After traveling a bit around Prague and Budapest, I stayed my time only in Paris, and then Barcelona. I feel so grateful to have been able to live in both these cities, as short as it was! When I arrived in Paris, I felt so lonely - I didn't know anyone, I didn't feel like I could go anywhere, I honestly didn't know what to do with myself! 

But this summer I grew so, so much - I've never felt more comfortable being by myself, or going out to explore and new things on my own. I met so many amazing people, and learned so much about who I am in the process. 

Paris - I love you. Spain - I love you. 

I really do think that the way we change the world is through each of us talking with each other, and we learn to love the places that once seemed distant, remote, even cold to us. 

- A

Letters from my girls upon leaving Prémia de Mar. Given that >50% of the content is related to Pokemon Go, I really question what kind of impression I must have made... ! :)