Brunch in the Park Barcelona: Summer Music Festival in Montjuic. / by Alexandra Fox

This Sunday, I went to Brunch in the Park - a music festival in Barcelona’s Montjuic Jardines de Joan Brossa that runs every summer from late June through September. 

The easiest way to get to the festival is by train - you can take the metro to Parallel station, then take a cable car (no views, unfortunately!) up to Montjuic. From the Montjuic station, it’s about a twelve minute walk through the park to get to the festival entrance at Placa de la Sardana - a bit uphill, but really not bad at all. There’s also a bus option to get to Placa de la Sardana directly, but buses are always much less reliable than trains, so expect a longer journey, if that’s the case… 

My friend had told me about the event last week, but I went alone - which was a first for me, and I really didn’t know what to expect! My first hour or so inside I definitely felt a bit awkward - I wasn’t really sure where to put myself, I wandered around between the food stands and the stages, fairly self-conscious. 

Finally, I made myself converse with one of the girls in line in front of me for drinks - and she was super nice! She quickly introduced me to her friends - one of whom I’d noticed earlier because of her awesome Jar Jar mask - and after we all had our goods, we went to dance. 

It was really, really fun. There were people from literally all corners of the world there - I’d say at least 50% of the attendees are not Spanish. (Although Barcelona’s population, as well, is probably somewhere around this number). We met a cool group of Italians living in Barcelona including G-, who I am hopefully seeing this week… !

The venue is really small - there’s just one main stage, an open area for resting, and then another area with some market stalls (jewelry, clothes, trinkets) and activities (a bounce house, water guns).

Overall it was very good vibes, and the perfect casual, summer Sunday festival. 


- A