Boys Noize, Marijuana Deathsquads, and SloslyLove at Icehouse, Minneapolis / by Alexandra Fox

Last night, I visited Icehouse Minneapolis to see Boys Noize perform

First off, the venue: it's quite small. There are more or less two rooms - one that seems to be mostly a dining area with an outdoor patio, and another that's the concert hall space, with a small second-floor perimeter balcony. At first I thought it was too small - but the size definitely gives it a really intimate feel. And the fact that artists like Boys Noize can come and perform in that space - it's pretty cool, and you feel really close to the stage and the music!

Visuals and LED lights from Minneapolis company Playata. 

Visuals and LED lights from Minneapolis company Playata. 

The drinks are really reasonably priced, ~$6 for most mixed drinks. Red Bull was putting on the event, so they had lots of deals on Red Bull orders. When I arrived the venue was already pretty packed - a lot of people came out for the earlier shows from local artists SloslyLove and Marijuana Deathsquads. I only caught the latter, who did a pretty high-energy live performance. It wasn't really my style of music, but it was pretty cool. 

I think I had really high expectations about how the night would go given how much fun I had Sunday evening, but something was a little off for me. I talked to the staff early on about taking pictures for Boys Noize though, so I did get some cool shots and get to see him do his thing:

It was a cool night and good crowd. I really, really like Boys Noize. He seemed super humble and grateful and giving back to his fans. He seemed really dedicated and happy and committed to putting on an awesome show, though I know he's played much larger venues for much larger crowds. 

After tonight, I did think briefly about whether I want to invest in some more serious camera equipment - specifically a better lens, and maybe a flash attachment, for taking nightlife photos. 


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