Bienvenidos a Barcelona... ! / by Alexandra Fox

First day in Premia de Dalt outside Barcelona, and I am super happy. 

First off, it's so great to be in a country where I can actually speak the language. Not only do I get to have real conversations with people, I truly really love Spanish and I finally get to use and improve it after so long sitting dormant. 

The family I'm staying with here in Premia de Dalt is super nice - today we celebrated Eid al-Fitr (alhamdulillah for an amazing Ramadan!), and I can already anticipate that I'll be getting huge in the few weeks I'm here, with how much everyone keeps trying to feed me!

The mom of my family has been really welcoming and friendly - she even took me today to introduce me to a girl from Lithuania who also just arrived in Barcelona, so we might get on and explore the city together. Super thoughtful, and L- seems very cool as well!

All in all, I'm quite happy with how things are and hope to make the most out of my short time here. Loving Spain so far and it's quite a nice change of pace from Paris.

More tomorrow -


- A