Barcelona Pride Parade and Longboarding on the Beachfront / by Alexandra Fox

Saturday, I started off my day (and of course by that I mean I left the house at 4pm - ) trying so hard to get a photo of this graffiti art I had spotted from the train. There are two that I really like along the railroad tracks toward Barcelona - the first large mural proclaims: “Muerte al Estado” (Death to the State), which is followed by “Fuego a las Fronteras” - Fire to the Borders. 

It seemed super fitting with everything that’s been happening with the world (read Britain fucking up left and right, and Europe closing it’s borders to Syrian refugees). But after not even twenty minutes of trekking around what I deemed the nearest train stop, I decided it was simply too hot to be wandering around without clear direction in the middle of the day, trying to get a photograph. 

This turned out to be a great call, because the place where I had been trekking through brambles and bushes and trying to make space alongside the rails was really far off from where the graffiti was located. I do plan on trying again at some point while here… stay tuned for that!

I was supposed to meet up with a girl at a bar around 6pm in Born, but she was running late with her friends, so I decided to walk toward the Pride Parade route instead, which Google has very handily incorporated into their Maps

I’ve actually never been out for Pride before - I tend to really hate crowds, so choose my battles carefully when it comes to being outside with lots of people running around. It was very cool though - in all seriousness, I felt like there was a lot of love in the air, and everyone was super supportive of each other and connecting with one another. 

I got pulled onto one of the floats which was fun - we basically just danced and shouted back at the crowd shouting at us. We poured them love and they poured it back - all in all it was a good day and I was super happy to be a part of it!

I then met up with a friend who had promised to go long boarding with me that evening - and, honestly, I could not have picked a better way to spend my Saturday night. For those of you interested in finding the perfect skate route in Barcelona: start at Arc de Triomf, and head towards la Villa Olímpica. It’s a really nice, smooth downhill ride from the arc, though you’ll have to cross some streets and deal with a few cobblestone sidewalks near Villa Olímpica.

Once you hit the beach boardwalk, it’s smooth sailing. We chose to go south toward the W hotel, which stands at the end of the beach front. It’s a cool view from the hotel area - you can look back on the beach and the city, out toward the ocean, or even further south, upon the shipyard and port. It feels incredibly Santa Monica-meets-Oakland California, and I was basically just enjoying the hell out of being on a longboard again and being near the ocean. 

The hill down from the W hotel is a really fun ride. My friend and I then grabbed chips and food from one of the many, many places dotting the beach front, and sat to enjoy the last of the sunset and the lazy after-dinner hours. 

Not a bad Saturday at all :)

- A