Around Cologne: Cologne Cathedral and Roman Museum / by Alexandra Fox

This morning, C- took me into town to visit the Cologne Cathedral. He's told me that it's the oldest building in Cologne, with construction having begun in the 1200s. Despite the fact that the city is over two thousand years old, the cathedral appears to be the only edifice to withstand the bombing of Cologne during WWII. 

The cathedral towers over the rest of the city. As the 4th- largest-city in Germany, I would definitely have expected Cologne to feature more skyscrapers and high-rises. As it is, though, you can spot the Cathedral from quite a ways away, and it looks ridiculously impressive rising up over the rest of the town. 

The size only becomes more magnified as you get close. Like the Sagrada Familia, I was completely blown away by how big the cathedral was - definitely was not expecting it to be so huge. I was continually awed when imagining how something like this gets built, particularly before the era of modern construction. Imagine climbing on scaffolding 510 steps above the ground....

And, yes, I know the step count because C- and I climbed to the top. It costs 3Euro per person I *think* - possibly less, actually. (C paid for us both - ). From the top you get to see the church bells, as well as walk around the whole of the inner perimeter, to look at different views of the city. Since there aren't so many touristy things to do in Cologne I'd say it's worthwhile - you get a birds-eye view of the city, and the river is really quite lovely. 

Upon leaving the Cathedral, I spotted a Graveler lurking outside one of the doors...

Pokemon Go in Germany! Graveler at Cologne Cathedral. 

Pokemon Go in Germany! Graveler at Cologne Cathedral. 

The Roman Museum is right next to the Cathedral, so convenient to stop by if you want to make a day of the two. I honestly had no idea the Roman Empire had reached so far North. It was definitely a day in history and awe at the simple passage of time, and the at once greatness and impermanence of mankind....

All the love, 

- A