28.8.17 God makes all things possible / by Alexandra Fox


posting daily was a valiant, ultimately unrealistic, attempt :)

crazy weekend of ups and downs. 

really unfortunate printing setback, but was a personal growth experience in dealing with it and figuring out what to do next. huge ups to L- for coming through there - she was amazing in talking through our options and being forward-looking, rather than spending time pining over what could have been done differently (although we do absolutely have learnings and plans to avoid in the future).

we did our photoshoot on Saturday - many learnings from that as well, but so happy we did it. was a huge energy boost/ momentum driver, if nothing else. 

one thing I learned this week:

I probably don't have to share all the ups and downs with the entire team. or at least i mean - i should take more time to celebrate the wins, and while i'll keep sharing setbacks and being open and transparent about everything, i can better emphasize all the awesome work that we've done. 

God makes all things possible.

- Alex