23.8.17 where are all the Instagram models when you need them? / by Alexandra Fox


i must have spent 2 hours today scouring Instagram for a girl model for our shoot on Saturday.

J- can't make it, and i'm doing a bad job of picturing it w/ someone else, or without her.

but i actually just found someone i really like, and hopefully hear back from her tomorrow! 🙌

hooray for friends and good people. i need to be nicer to people. i've been way too self-absorbed and self-important lately. i need to remember what's important to me and what i even care about in the first place. people. one of the best things i loved about starting this was talking to people and learning about what they care about, what's important to them. one of the best things i like about myself is never saying i'm too busy, and never being "too busy", to spend time with friends. so i really need to cut the shit and remember that. 

tomorrow's going to be hectic though. i badly need to re-organize and follow-up on loose ends. a lot of things happening this week. 

N- brought me a macaron.

but seriously, 2 hrs on instagram trying to find a model.

my eyes hate me, have been staring at screens all day.

- A