22.8.17 these hoes ain't loyal. / by Alexandra Fox


woke up.

ran to west oakland

returned the car

went to M-'s house to look at shoes for the photoshoot. it was weird. i realized a lot later that i was probably being really selfish and really self-absorbed. he's only been back for a week and all we talked about was what i'm working on. i need to get way better than that. i was irritated all day until i realized i didn't try to understand at all how he's feeling.

went to IHO and scouted a model. went to city hall after and caught up with folks there. 

stopped a girl at the bus stop on my way home to ask about modeling

yes, this is happening!

really strange few days, but my schedule's so thrown off. not used to having someone in my room/ bed and definitely a sucker for routines. i'll miss N- when she leaves though.

- A