Letter-Writing and Lawsuits. / by Alexandra Fox

This morning I received the contact info for my 'adopted' soldier from Adopt a US Soldier. To be honest it seemed a bit easy: I now have his personal email, and he mine, and I've sent a short letter saying hello. For the other site, Soldiers' Angels, I've had to commit to a monthly $2 contribution, which also goes toward an identification verification for me. While the process is a bit more cumbersome, I guess it does add an air of 'officiality'?

I also got a pending lawsuit notice, which (not to insult anyone or undermine the seriousness of the situation), I always find a bit silly. There was a period where I was incredibly preoccupied by the thought of war, and the threat of mutually assured destruction. I remember an email I wrote to a high school professor, of my fear that we would procure our own extinction. I remember his response perfectly. He said, "I'm not so certain that we will bomb ourselves to death in the end. It seems more likely we'll end up drowning in petty lawsuits."

It's sunny here today. If this can last until the weekend, maybe things will finally start to heat up...! (*wink, nudge*)

- A