Teenage love, teenage tragedy, and Ramadan Day 2. / by Alexandra Fox

website work and third kind sketches.

website work and third kind sketches.

Another library day, between running around dropping off kids and remembering to pray and be grateful.

There are these two teenagers at my table in the library - at first I was irritated by their chatting, but they’re so in like, it’s completely impossible to hate them. I wonder if I’ve ever had a romance like that. I sort of skipped over the whole “teenage romance” phase, so I’m not really sure I’ve ever been quite as I-need-to-be-in-physical-contact-with-you-every-second, puppy-dog-eyes-lost-in-love as these two. 

Who knows, though! It could still happen!

In other more sobering news, a student at one of my kids’ (c-) schools committed suicide today, and I’m not sure what I can or will say to c- when I see him. I really hope the child's family will be okay. I wish life couldn’t seem to get so difficult and intolerable that anyone could do this. I don’t know how can I make that better. I wish every child and person could feel and be around enough love to know that everything will be okay. 

M- and I are going to see a comedy show tonight at Paname Art Cafe, a new English-language stand-up program called “Funny Bones”.

To be quite honest I don’t have very high hopes for this show- I’m just wishing it will be decent enough that M- can enjoy a few laughs. I really wanted to see the “French Fried” finale last Tuesday, but we couldn’t make it. 

Ramadan Day 2 is going well. It’s only three in the afternoon, but I feel great and energized. I’m trying to remember to be more patient with people, and more kind. I feel like I often think about what people can do for me, and how I can benefit from them. I’m really trying to reverse that. I want to start thinking about what I can do for other people, and why their lives would be better with me. 

Starting today! M- is gonna get his pants charmed off; he’ll never know what him!

All the love,

- A