Review: "Funny Bones" at Paname Art Cafe Paris. / by Alexandra Fox

Image from  Paname Comedy Club .

Image from Paname Comedy Club.

So yesterday M- and I went to go see an English-language standup show at Paname Comedy Club in Paris. (Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera: I'm really falling behind on this 4-photos-a-day thing).

The show was a new program called "Funny Bones", which, unfortunately, was rather underwhelming. 

The host, Paul Taylor, was English and quite nice, he talked a lot with the audience and joked a bit, I couldn't say I was really laughing, but he was nice and agreeable. The first guy was a Robert Hoehn - who is actually from my home-state, Minnesota! Which was quite exciting, although I can't say that he represented for Minnesota very well, unfortunately. I don't know if it was a combination of trying new material or just a small crowd, but the whole thing was a bit uncomfortable, really. 

By far the best performer of the night was a French comedian named Djimo, who was doing his first ever show in English. (Like I said, I don't want to paint such a terrible picture of the program - I think they are probably just testing it out with new acts since it was the first night).

But Djimo was hilarious, for what seemed like the <5 minutes he was on stage. M- and I were dying. It was a combination of his delivery and obviously very basic attempt at English. He had a single sheet of paper with him with very large writing on it, which he would check to make sure he was using the right words. Rather than being annoying, it was incredibly funny. 

So - that was my experience. All in all, I would probably go back to Paname, though not for this show. When we arrived, M- was immediately pulled into conversation by several lounging comedians, (apparently for his often-noted resemblance to a man named Fary). It seems like a fun place to stop by and spend some time.

Afterwards, we stopped at a lounge down the street where a friend of M-'s was playing acoustic Usher hits with his band. It was awesome.

And that was my Tuesday in Paris. 

Be easy my bees,

- A