Festival Diaries: Distortion Copenhagen 2016, DAY 1

Yesterday. Was. Awesome. 

Things got off to a slow start for us at the festival, but picked up quickly as we started to find H's different friends, also here from business school, around.

The festival was a lot smaller, and fewer people, than I was expecting. I think a big part of Distortion was the weekday street-parties, which we missed. 

 entering the jungle stage...

entering the jungle stage...

I love being around people who are on the same hype as me (H- !), which quickly showed to be the case. 

 H- and friend.

H- and friend.

The music was definitely good, for the mood I was in - but I could not tell you which artists we saw, or any stand-out sets. It was a pretty eclectic mix though, from reggae to techno, and grime to African soul. 

Around 2am, we hope on one of the boats back toward the mainland. to Distortion Club.

Can't wait for Round 2 tonight. Rest up sweetlings -

- A