Euro 2016: Fanzone at Le Tour Eiffel and Football Madness / by Alexandra Fox

I am not a soccer fan.

I repeat, I am not a soccer fan.

Basically all the reasons that are already out there: nobody scores, the players always seem to be falling down and lying on the ground, there's no contact.... Plus, we already have our sports, and they are awesome. (Except baseball!)

Still, I was persuaded to get caught up in the Euro 2016 football fever as Paris hosts this year. Yesterday, for the France- Switzerland game, scores of people made their way to the Eiffel Tower, where a huge fan zone has been set up for viewing the matches. I mean, not just gigantic monitors and speakers - I'm talking an entirely new McDonald's that just popped up on the Eiffel Tower lawn.

Getting in to the area was a whole thing in itself - Paris is still in a state of emergency and on lockdown following last year's terrorist attacks. My drawing ruler was unceremoniously tossed into the trash as I tried to enter security the first time; I had to fish it out and go hide it in a nearby bush outside the park, before trying to enter again.

I met up with my friend and, after 2 more security lines and 2 additional gropings, we finally made it inside!

I suppose it was cool to see everyone wrapped up in the game - the highlight was when a crowd of Irishmen started singing, and then all over the park you could hear the Irish start to sing and converge. That was pretty adorable.

The match was France - Switzerland, and the final score 0 - 0.

Last week was pretty wonderful. I hope this week shapes up to be so as well!

All the love, 

- A