Magasin Sennelier: Couleurs du Quai Voltaire Art Supplies in Paris / by Alexandra Fox

The rainbow of color that is Magasin Sennelier.

The rainbow of color that is Magasin Sennelier.

Last week I << finally >> made a stop by a Parisian art store to pick up colored pencils, which I've been wanting to test out for a while now for my sketches. 

I picked Magasin Sennelier on Quai Voltaire along the Seine, because it's apparently a Parisian staple. 

The shop wasn't really my style - I prefer my art stores full of white lighting and white space, with lots and lots of paper. Magasin Sennelier is the opposite - housed along three floors and a narrow space, it's teeming at ever corner with colors and stock. It's the perfect haunt for old-school art enthusiasts who appreciate the wood flooring and cabinets, and traditional artist's loft feel. 

It's also very much geared towards painters, particularly oil painting, which I know absolutely nothing about. Still, I found some good neutral colors that would suit my work, and so I can't complain about the trip :)

Pricing-wise it does seem expensive, but I'm not sure if this is on account of the shop, or general higher prices in France. 

Anyone else have any good recommendations for art stores in Paris?


- A