New York State of Mind and Captain America at La Défense, Paris / by Alexandra Fox

9:55pm sunset over La Défense

9:55pm sunset over La Défense

Went to see one of the last showings of Captain America: Civil War Wednesday night with Am-. We took the RER A from Chatelet Les-Halles to La Défense, and when I walked out of the metro I have to say I was pretty awed!

It was like being in a completely different world - in fact, it was like being back in the States again. First of all, there were skyscrapers. And no, I'm not talking New York skyscrapers, but nevertheless...!

But it was also just the whole feel of the place: everything was big and new, glass and steel. It's so completely different from the weighty history I've been surrounded by in the last few months in Europe, it was very cool. Very modern.

If you're traveling from the States and only in Paris a short time, it's certainly not worth going out of your way for. But if you're in Europe for a while and want something a little different - it's definitely a nice change of pace.

Plus, folks - they have Chipotle.

Alright now, the movie:

Let me preface by saying, I am not an Avenger's fan. At all. Collectively, they are probably of the least interest to me of everyone in the Marvel universe. I've never been big on Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor. So, let that stand.

As such, maybe I'm alone if finding this movie incredibly average, if not sub-par. 

I was about to launch into a detailed explanation, but------

I'm fairly exhausted ;)

More later, perhaps!