Will She Make it to Paris Men's Fashion Week? / by Alexandra Fox

So here's the deal kiddos:

Men's Fashion Week starts next Wednesday, and I would love, love, love to experience. 

Being so late into the game of trying to get invitations, I've been brainstorming about how I might be able to make it in to one of these shows. 

(Follow-up issue to address later: What will I wear to any of these shows...?!)

Here is my strategy thus far:

1. Email every blog imaginable.

"Do you need anyone to cover for you for men's fashion week?" [Update: So far, zero, zero people have gotten back to me. Thanks, men.]

2. Annoy My One Contact into Acquiescence

I really don't know anyone in Paris, but M- did introduce me to a guy that runs a fairly trendy shop in Le Marais, and I know he's doing fashion week events. [I know, because I asked. Of course, I then asked if I could accompany him. No response].

I have never mastered the subtle art of showing strangers why helping you now is worthwhile. But, I supposed I have really nothing to lose here, except perhaps some dignity with M-. But I think that's pretty much a sunken ship at this point anyway.

3. Just Show up and Wing it.

I did this in Joburg and it worked for me then, but those were such smaller shows and I feel like I just happened to run into the right people at the right time. I've never tried it but I've heard from a few friends that it's worked for them... 

Possible tactics: 

  1. Be an irate English woman who just ran 12 blocks to grab a forgotten earring and needs to be backstage ASAP.
  2. Actually pretend I am a Hong Kong celebrity that happens to be in town, and of course it is my right to attend? Who could I pass for?
  3. Arrive with a fruit platter. I'm the catering.

And again....

What do I wear?? I have a grand total of five outfits in my suitcase to choose from!

Think of me next week dears,

- A