These are a few of my favorite things: [Part 1]. / by Alexandra Fox

HAPPY Monday, ladies and lovers! I am in a pretty chipper mood today. Remember that boy I was looking for, from the dance battle way back when...? Well, yesterday we somehow spent some four hours walking, smiling, enjoying each other's company, only communicating through Google Translate and expressive hand gestures. It was lovely.

Today's post will be about some of my favorite things, in the loose category of "entertainment". I'm sharing with you because these things either make me so happy and/or I believe to be worthwhile enough that I encourage everyone to experience!

Favorite fiction:

Peter Pan. For a while in my life, I was really preoccupied with this idea of staying young and innocent. Only recently, I've begun to accept that youth and innocence are a state of mind that one can carry throughout life. I think Barrie understands this, and thus - Peter Pan. At the very least, it's a fun story to read. But I find it impossible not to fall in love with Peter and feel his pain of watching the world change. 

For the life of me I can't find my edition online (which has the most beautiful, simple cover, and includes Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and Peter and Wendy-), but here's a good second:


Invisible CitiesThis was gifted to me upon finishing my junior year of high school by my favorite English teacher. The entire book is a conversation between a young Marco Polo and aging Kublai Khan. It is a feat in prose, and Italo Calvino will forever change the way you think about words, sound, and meaning. Read Invisible Cities for $9.99 on Amazon.

Gone With the Wind: Hands down, this is my favorite love story of all time, and Rhett Butler probably my favorite love interest. It's also a beautifully constructed portrayal of a civilization and way of life that was abruptly destroyed and largely forgotten since. Margaret Mitchell: the Mark Twain of romance. Read Gone With the Wind for $8.99 on Amazon.

War and Peace: Favorite period book. Favorite war novel. Favorite almost-love story. Tolstoy rivals Roald Dahl as my favorite author of all-time. He is an actual genius. He is hilarious. The depth of personality, the small details of action and affection that make his characters so foolish, so human, is unbelievable. I love this man. This book is a masterpiece. This is the best English translation: $0.99 on Amazon.

... But there are so many more. I just became aware I'll have to do a whole post just on books. 

Favorite movie:

Favorite movie is so hard, my go-to has always been Snatch, but I'm not sure if that's still true. Regardless, if you haven't seen it, it's pretty hilarious and provides for endless quotable moments. Amazing cast. It's hard to categorize this movie, but if you need a plot, it would be: "diamond heist".


Stardust. This is the film I always tell my favorite people to watch, because it's just so enjoyable and feel-good. Actually, it's kind of a Guy Ritchie-esque take on Fantasy. Directed by Matthew Vaughn (of X-Men: First Class, aka the best X-Men film yet?!), with everyone from Robert DeNiro to Michelle Pfieffer and Ian McKellan narrating...

Favorite comic:

The Boondocks. Ooooooooh man. Let's throw in favorite Cartoon while we're here. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of being acquainted with the Freeman family - do so. Now. 

I really feel like everyone can benefit from some Boondocks. The setup: Huey and Riley are two South Side youngsters who have landed in the middle of white suburbia. Continuously funny and poignant takes on race, culture, and identity in America. 

The Boondocks: "Because I Know you Don't Read the Newspaper" ... I have this collection, spring for the paperback.

The Boondocks: "Because I Know you Don't Read the Newspaper"... I have this collection, spring for the paperback.

Favorite stand-up:

Dave Chappelle. This was hard, but I think Chappelle is arguably my favorite stand-up comedian of all time. He's so ridiculously witty and clever, and completely honest about the human situation. He makes you laugh, and cry, and think. You can watch the entirety of his "Killing Them Softly" on Youtube, which is 60 minutes of comedy gold. Enjoy...

Favorite dancer:

I think I can say this one, and I it's probably Chachi:

Favorite song:

Prepare to cry. Prepare to dream.

Favorite sloth video:

Sloth crossing the street, I believe I can Fly version. Because even sloths love R. Kelly!

Favorite reality TV:

Basketball Ball Wives LA, Seasons 1 + 2. Honestly, I am not a big reality TV fan, at all. Yeah, I keep up with the Kardashians... but that is really it. Until one day, I decided I needed a little more Draya Michele in my life, and started watching Basketball Wives. Oh my, folks. What a great call. I cruised through the entire first season during finals week; by the time of our annual end-of-year party, I was pretty much ready to fight any girl that crossed my path. This show will get you hype.

Classic. and Classy. BBWLA seasons 1 + 2 available on Hulu.

Classic. and Classy. BBWLA seasons 1 + 2 available on Hulu.

I need to figure out what I’m doing in the three weeks before Barcelona. I really want to stay in Paris, but haven’t found any place / thing yet. I’m just making friends, just starting to speak the language…. well, TBC!

Bonne nuit mon chéries, 

- A