things we learn when we are young. / by Alexandra Fox

today was exhausting. 
so all I write now is:

when I was quite young
maybe six or seven
my mother sat me down to tell me:
"because of the color of your skin, people are going to treat you differently.
whatever they do, you are going to have to do 10x better, just to be taken seriously.
however hard they work, you will have to work harder,
just to get the same."
and I was too young to understand difference.
I only thought:
what a clever way to reprimand someone for not doing their homework.

today, I was reminded how
white children do not receive this lesson.
instead, many are told:
"everything you have, you deserve.
everything you want, you should get."

and that, folks.
a lot.

- a very exhausted, confused, frustrated, and sad A