Merci Concept Store, and other shopping in Le Marais. / by Alexandra Fox

After a very late morning and some household chores, I headed out to Le Marais district in Paris. I've been here quite a bit at night, but never during the day, and it's supposed to offer some great boutique shopping and French brands. 

My first stop was a store called Merci, located on boulevard Beaumarchais, write outside the Saint-Sébastien- Froissart metro stop. The store is gorgeous. You can enter two ways - through the Cinéma or Used Book cafés, I chose the latter as there were slightly less people milling about the entrance. 

The Used Book cafe is awesome - I was quite tempted to just stop there and not move any further, just enjoy the ambience of old books and cozy corners. The menu is small and expensive, but I think the general atmosphere is worth it. It's like a small haven of solitude and comfort before you walk through into the retail section, which is it's opposite in feel. 

The retail store itself is gorgeous, very white and with huge windows, which I love. Merci has actually taken up all four lower floors of the building - with the top- and bottom- most dedicated to home goods. The women's clothing wasn't altogether my style, it's very similar to much else you'll find in the Marais, an aesthetic I've heard described as "homeless chic" ;).

The menswear was good - all casual clothing but some really nice shoes and accessories. I think my favorite part of the store was their paper section - if you know me or have ever been in my home, you might know that I love paper products. I. Love. Paper. So this was cool. I picked up a small ruler for sketching, and some over-priced colored pencils. 

The rest of the shopping day wasn't particularly notable. I stopped by Royal Cheese, which was a bit too Portland for my style. I tried to find the Surface to Air studio, which I thought was in the area, but for the life of me could not. (Looking at it online now, I think I'll really have to go back and try harder...).

Royal Cheese on Rue Tiquetonne. 

Royal Cheese on Rue Tiquetonne. 

As I was wrapping up my day I popped into a bookshop on the outskirts of the neighborhood: I Love My Blender. It's pretty adorable, and I was able to pick up a French copy of my second all-time favorite book, Le Petit PrincePretty excited to start this literary attempt!

book therapy at 'I Love My Blender'

book therapy at 'I Love My Blender'

Well, that's all folks! As I was walking I noticed some folks on these 'velib' bikes, which I want to try out sometime soon and bicycle around the city (my favorite thing I did in Copenhagen). Though per Apple Weather, this is the last dry day for some time, so TBD on that one....

Bons baisers,

- A