I'm Loving on Instagram Today / by Alexandra Fox

So last Saturday, I went to a breakdance competition. M- was supposed to meet me there, but he got caught up (*side eye*).

Meanwhile, probably the most beautiful man I have ever seen is sitting up on the DJ stage, and I'm trying very hard not to get caught ogling his brains out.

Being naturally very reserved, raised on 'stranger danger' and terrible at small talk, I spent most of the show trying to work up the nerve to approach this guy. [My line was going to be: "Do you model?"... ... That's good, right?]

Of course I didn't say that.
And.... I left.

Now comes Instagram - you beautiful revamped pink and purple pony!

In a post-ditch effort, I decide to post my "missed connections" ad to IG: "If you were so-and-so at the ---- show today.... I'm interested!".

WELL, my dears.
Today, Instagram has really come through for your girl.... !!!

stay tuned.