Day 1. / by Alexandra Fox


Going to try to write every day for the next month, and see what happens!

It's been a fairly productive Sunday in Paris, I brought my laptop and book bag to the Latin Quartier, determined to move ahead on something - any of the "back-in-the-real-world" projects I haven't touched for months. 

I went to Coutume Instituutti (on Sundays, use the back entrance on rue du Sommerard), which was nicely crowded, but managed to squeeze in at one of the laptop-acceptable tables. I was extremely pleased when the barista insisted on speaking French with me even though my language level is completely nonexistent. So far in Paris, most people will switch to English with me when it's clear I cannot speak a word of French, so I really appreciated his persistence and insistence that I learn something!

Le café fermé a 18:00, so I took the 38 bus to Bibliotheque Publique d'Information at Centre Georges Pompidou (thank you RATP app!), et voila!

Big accomplishments for the day: I updated my About page, started this blog, and booked a flight to Copenhagen for next weekend (stay tuned!)

Question: is everybody else also quite bored with Snapchat? 

Alright mon dearies,

- A