19.8.17 - bougie brunch < backyard bbqs / by Alexandra Fox


finally went to Portal for brunch after a almost a year now of living down the street. yes, the food was good but it's definitely not my spot.

N- and i decided i'll get my nose pierced, but they were booked up today. will try again tomorrow (?) depending on how the morning goes.... [if i'm able to get in touch with a printer, otherwise i'll need to rent a car and just start showing up].

...never forget that time when i just got back to the states and needed to find a job; when someone introduced me via email:

"-----, meet Alexandra. she's interested in opportunities at [xxx], and has been incredibly persistent and organized in her pursuit. please find a time to connect".

then back to work... today: organizing & mapping out content for our gallery event. trying to put together enough details & info for team planning meeting tomorrow so folks can get started and make sure it's content that we need and will use. here are some ideas i mapped out today...

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 11.14.54 PM.png

i felt bad about being so boring for N-, but we made it out later in the evening to my friend's backyard spot in west oakland, where they were BBQing. it was cool - some guy there was loving taking photos of us - i asked him to send them, ha :) hung out a bit and cut out before the crawfish was served....


need to remember to start taking photos again, now that I'm blogging again. 

oh, i found where our Pacman (from Suru) went. P-'s backyard!

- A