18.8.17 - my MOSSLIM friend is back to teach me some GODDAMN MANNERS. / by Alexandra Fox

L- came over in the morning to help setup our website. i did not think we were gonna get through everything, but he got a lot done! couldn't stop grinning for a few hours after. 

still in lightweight crisis mode over printing these shirts - if no movement happens tomorrow, i'll rent a car monday and just drive around places. we'll have everything by Saturday, and it will be awesome.

met with someone at YR yesterday to confirm partnership/ donations - was super excited about that, really happy it's all formalized and confirmed, i really love that organization.

then spent the rest of the night trying to be patient about hearing back from printers, and put out our new site. it looks weird on mobile, but will try not to spend more time on that until hear back from theme support next week. you can check out that joint HERE.

N- didn't text me for like 30 min after she landed, so i started googling plane crashes 🙄. but she's here. a. H. 

- A