in words and numbers:

08: NGO work in Arusha, Tanzania. 
09: Bicycling and dance tour of Cambodia
1 0: LearningWorks (Breakthrough equivalent) program instructor.
      Graduated high school with Blake girl's tennis ranked #1 in MN AA.

1 1 : UC-Riverside chamber experiments [atmospheric pollution studies].
      Motorcycle diaries: Xela, Guatemala to San Miguel, el Salvador.
1 2: Clinical study on Chron's disease, Peking Union Medical Coll. Hospital, Beijing.
      Hitchhiked from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).
1 3: Co-authored pharmaceutical research on epilepsy treatments, (UMN).
      Catalogued coastal changes in bird-song from Panama to Costa Rica.

1 4: Graduated Claremont McKenna College with Honors in Biology.
      Received President's grant to pursue 3-month writing project in Northern Italy.
      Joined Marketing at AdRoll.
1 5: Studied graffiti and street music in Havana, Cuba.
      Started Third Kind Clothing: modern streetwear.
      Convinced a whole Berber village to re-enact scenes from Dune, (Morocco). 

1 6: Left Marketing @ AdRoll.
      Epilepsy health management project in Cameroon.
      Dipped a toe into hospitality with agritourism B&B (South Africa).